Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” That’s why we have a preflight department at Daily Printing.

Armed with sophisticated computer programs and a pocketful of plain old-fashioned experience, our service technicians in preflight thoroughly examine your project before the output process. One job could contain hundreds of areas where potential problems may arise: font usage, image rotation, sufficient trapping, blends, bleeds and baseline shifts. Why waste money because of a mistake during the printing process when you catch those small design flaws in preflight before even moving to the press?

Our design and production staff will make sure you are informed of any necessary changes and that your project is absolutely perfect before it even moves to the press room. It only takes one small oversight to ruin an entire project, so everyone at Daily that is involved with your project strives to make sure we are creating the absolute best end product possible. That one avoided oversight corrected by Daily professionals in preflight can save you a serious amount of money and time.

Want to know what types of files you can send to Daily for Preflight and Prepress? Simply check our equipment list here for the correct software formats!

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