The Interns Have Arrived

The summer has begun, and that means that there is now a mass of college kids scrambling to find the perfect summer job. Although working at Subway or McDonald’s was acceptable in high school, these students are looking for a specific kind of job; one that their professors mention almost constantly.

An internship.

However, there is a particular formula most students are looking for, and it goes somewhat like this:
experience in their future career field + getting paid enough to buy a year’s supply of ramen noodles = the ideal internship.

Well, Daily Printing had to tap into this pool of eager students to help them solve that ever-stressful equation. With a few projects for the summer that the full-time staff did not have time to accomplish, Daily has hired two interns for the summer of 2014.

Taylor, a graphic design student at Stout, was hired last summer for her experience in design on upcoming Daily projects, seminars and products. Among her many projects, Taylor is focusing a lot of her energy this summer on the design work for the annual Connect Daily educational seminar coming up this August. She has been doing a terrific job so far, and is looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Shannon, the second intern, was hired for projects in web design and online marketing. Though her main projects are (1) completely redesigning the Daily Printing website while moving it to WordPress and (2) creating an online marketing plan, Shannon is also the face behind Daily Printing’s social media, and is assisting Taylor and Tom Moe, VP of Sales & Marketing, in preparing for the Connect Daily educational seminar.

Daily Printing is excited to welcome these two young women to the team for the summer of 2014, and we look forward to seeing the fruition of their work!

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