This week, our sales representatives got together to learn about logistics. ALG Worldwide, Daily Printing’s partner in logistics, came in to speak on how co-palletization is different than what other print companies are doing.

What can be a huge cost-cutting factor be found when most printing companies have already cut all the costs they can? Mailing. Specifically, how a company mails its products.

Co-palletization is consolidation at a tray level, decreasing the amount of bagged mail (a larger cost in smaller amounts). Copal allows for enhanced postage savings as shipping will become cheaper-per-mail-item in larger collections.

Well, guess who knows how to copal and has partnered with the largest independent non-printer co-mailing operation in the country? Daily Printing, Inc. Postage costs are about five times the cost of the actual print itself – money that can be placed back into your, the client’s, pocket when using copal with Daily.

If this idea excites you – and seriously, how could saving this much money so simply not – just get in contact with one of our sales representatives about writing up a quote for your project. Alternatively, you can request an estimate by clicking here, knowing already how much money won’t be used on mailing your direct mail items.

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