Envelope Printing Tips

With the addition of our new OKI digital envelope printer, Daily Printing is offering brand new and upgraded envelope printing services.  With the capabilities of printing digital, you can produce more products, faster, while maintaining a high-quality standard.  While this new envelope process is exciting, there are a few things you should know before jumping on a new envelope design to have printed with us.  That’s why we bring you: Digital Envelope Printing Tips!

Envelope Styles 

The preferred envelope design for laser-type printing is Side Seams, because it provides a large, uninterrupted surface area. However both diagonal seams and window envelopes are able to go through the printer successfully. The only thing to remember, if using window envelopes, is that the clear window must be “laser” compatible and able to withstand the high temperature of the printer’s fuser.  We would recommend not using the 2-sided adhesive pressure seal with the digital printer.

Testing and experience will help to identify the best envelope for a given job or layout.  Some jobs may require you to use a specific envelope in order to reliably place content in specific locations or to achieve consistent quality.  During the prepress process before printing, Daily will make sure you have chosen the optimum envelope for your design.

Envelope Design

Something to keep in mind when creating your envelope design is that the laser printing does not full-bleed.  You must allow a margin of 0.25″ on all sides of the envelope face.  With that said, you can choose to print on the front or back or both sides of your envelope project.  Below is an image of a printed envelope with recommendations on design as well as postal regulations to work around when designing.



General Recommendations

  • Test envelopes before buying large quantities.
  • Envelopes should be free of twist, curl or deformations.
  • Window envelopes must be designed for higher fusing temperatures utilized by laser printers.
  • The layout design or graphic artwork may need to be adjusted in order to deliver the best results on a specific envelope style.
  • Store envelopes in a dry area in order to avoid accidentally sealing envelopes.

Make sure to ask your sales representative any questions you may have about the OKI digital envelope printer.  They are trained in its techniques and have the knowledge to help you through any project you may have in mind!

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