A Brand is a Promise

At Daily Printing, we talk a lot about branding. In fact, we just recently held a Connect Daily seminar all about this aspect of marketing and image. Many people see branding as a logo, a tagline, a celebrity endorsement. But what is it really?

To be successful at branding, you must realize that it’s more than simply introducing yourself to new markets or re-establishing yourself in existing ones. It is much more more than the products or services you produce and endorse. Branding is a promise. A promise to your consumers that you will be providing to them – through your product/service – exactly what you promise them.

To strongly brand something, a company must be very clear about what exactly they are producing. “My product/service WILL have these specific attributes.” Ensuring your consumers that you will meet exact demands provides customer loyalty and commitment to you specifically. Your brand image, then, will be solidified by a positive reputation when this promise is kept.

So how do you affect your brand’s image and improve the following reputation? This is where marketing comes into play.

It may seem more effective to throw every positive thing about your product at your customer. ‘You are the BEST because you can provide everything from A to Z.’ But there are a lot of companies out there offering the same exact things, including most of those letters in the A-Z range.

So how do you make your brand stand out? What specific aspects of your product make you different and special? What can you provide that none of those other companies can? Once you figure out the different pieces, market THOSE.

It is those special aspects that make you stand out, and marketing those provides an exact outline of what your brand promises to provide to a consumer. Then, when those aspects are fulfilled to your customer, you have kept your promise!

Thinking of your brand as a promise to your consumers – providing and fulfilling specific needs – is what builds the strength of brands and sets companies apart and ahead.

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