Daily Volunteers in Happy Hour Squared

Last week, a group of Daily Printing employees and executives participated in a Happy Hour Squared event at Brave New Workshop. This monthly event is hosted by BNW and Finnegan’s Inc. with the goals of “feeding the hungry and serving the community.” The DPI group spent their time making sandwiches for the hungry.

These completed sandwiches were created for an organization called 363 Days Food Program, run by Allan Law. Law takes to the Minneapolis streets each night to hand out sandwiches to the city’s homeless population. He volunteers at night because that’s when many shelters have closed their doors for the day, and homeless people on the street are most vulnerable. With the help of volunteers, the incredible Law is on track to deliver 1,00,000 sandwiches this year (up a quarter of a million from the previous one)!

If you are interested in getting more information on the event, check out the Happy Hour Squared page on Brave New Workshop’s website. Also feel free to get in touch with our DPI volunteers via our contact page.


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