Connect Daily Hosts a Seminar on LinkedIn and Brand Development

Daily Printing hosted another successful Connect Daily seminar, covering topics such as LinkedIn and Brand Development. The event was held at the Williams Club Arena this past Wednesday, April 22nd. Carol Kaemmerer and Bill Thorburn joined the 76 attendees to discuss their own marketing lessons and expertise.

Carol Kaemmerer is Principal of Kaemmerer Group, LLC, a marketing communications firm based in Minneapolis. In recent years, she focused her expertise and business storytelling on helping top performers be found, in style, on LinkedIn. For the Connect Daily seminar, Carol discussed the importance and value of the working professional’s LinkedIn use.

LinkedIn is often seen simply as a tool for job hunters, but its real strength lies in creating an individual’s brand. It allows all professionals to tell their career story and share in-depth information on their specialties and accomplishments, as well as provide the ability to connect with customers on a personal level. Carol spoke in detail about LinkedIn’s algorithms, search results and secret settings of the platform. Overall, she gave a fantastic outline of how LinkedIn has become a necessary resource for each and every working professional.

Bill Thorburn is the CEO of The Thorburn Group, a company with the vision that design could take a greater role in brand development. At Connect Daily, Bill spoke about branding on a larger scale, covering techniques that his group utilizes on a daily basis. Using examples from his previous campaigns (such as Harley Davidson, Polaroid, Porsche, Dove and Coke), he discussed how aspects like color, emotion and even sound can come forward to define a brand.

Bill reinforced the importance of making your brand a true experience for your customers, emphasizing personal connection between product and customer through the use of design. It is that connection that transforms any brand into “my” brand. Designing an experience allows both you and your customers to identify and represent your brand.

After Carol and Bill’s talks, there was a raffle for a Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Camera. For more information on Connect Daily, sign up for your free magazine subscription. Or, to read about the Connect Daily seminar of Fall 2014, click here.


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