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June 10, 2015
The Touch


Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, believes that there are really two types of thinking that exist. There is either the “fixed mindset,” where people like to feel competent at something and aspire to stay in a static position. And there is the “growth mindset,” the one where people crave more learning and push themselves to great heights. So, assuming that we all want to inherit the growth mindset, the next step is discovering the best vehicles for learning available to us.

Earlier this month, Naomi S. Baron, an American University linguist, published “Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World,” a book (hardcover and electronic) that examines university students’ preferences for print over digital. She found that online readers tend to skim on screens and are easily distracted. In turn, reading comprehension is much lower with digital text compared to print.

Over the course of time, Baron asked students what they liked least about reading in print. Her favorite response: “It takes me longer because I read more carefully.”

“The preference for print over digital can be found at independent bookstores such as the Curious Iguana in downtown Frederick, Md., where owner Marlene England said millennials regularly tell her they prefer print because it’s “easier to follow stories.” Pew studies show the highest print readership rates are among those ages 18 to 29, and the same age group is still using public libraries in large numbers.”

In Sappi’s new promotional piece, A Communications Guide to the Neuro Science of Touch, Director of Baylor College of Medicine’s Laboratory for Perception & Action and the Initiative of Neuroscience & Law, Dr. David Eagleman provides one of the most remarkable cases for the value of print. His research regarding touch delves into the impact that touch has on our lives and how unique it makes the human species.

When something is touched, a sense of ownership takes place. We make sense of the world through touch. We know if something is cold or hot, and we can evoke emotion through touch. So if learning is critical to our personal growth and to the progress we make within our businesses, then finding more ways to use touch may be in order. Maybe print plays a much larger role than we ever could have imagined.

Do you have the touch?

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Tom Moe, VP of Sales & Marketing


“People may start with different temperaments and different aptitudes, but it is clear that experience, training, and personal effort take them the rest of the way.”

– Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

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