Announcing Tom Moe as DPI’s New President

Daily Printing is proud to announce that Tom Moe is now serving as DPI’s President. Formerly the VP of Sales & Marketing, Tom is excited to take this new step in forming and managing the company. The decision came after the June shareholder meeting, where members of the board elected Tom to be promoted to the position. Pete Jacobson, the former president, will continue as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Tom will now oversee DPI’s day-to-day reports as well as the company’s strategic planning and key initiatives. He will also remain in charge of all sales and marketing initiatives as the company moves forward. One of Tom’s greatest innovations for DPI was to direct the printing company into providing more marketing services. Connect Daily – a magazine for marketing minds – is a shining example of Tom’s capability, innovation and motivation in positioning the company where it needs to go. Now, with the biggest Connect Daily education seminar yet coming this September, Tom has firmly situated DPI in the marketing world.

“I have always been fascinated with the power of print and how we use it to communicate, influence decision making and build relationships with our audience,” says Tom. “Print is the one media that has the power to communicate and educate, not only once, but sustain the message over time. Print allows us to tell our story. Now we have the ability to combine print and other forms of communication to create powerful cross media platforms to drive increased responses, calls to action and ROI. The power of print combined with the power of the web equals unlimited opportunity.”

As a longtime leader in its marketplace, Daily Printing continues to serve its clients by providing first class printing and marketing services. Tom will serve the company well as President, by providing strategic direction and business management through our dynamic marketing and print services.

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