February E-Connect Daily

February 19, 2020

Why finding a cause to back is the strategy your brand needs now

Smart. Relevant. Authentic. When it comes to helping her clients create the perfect messaging for their brands, Shahla Hebets believes the aforementioned attributes are critical to telling the whole story. That last one—being authentic—is the one Hebets says every brand should embrace fully, especially in a time when consumers are selective about what they connect their attention to.

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“A modern marketer more than ever needs to balance creativity and intuition with a clear-eyed understanding of evolving channels along with increasingly advanced data and analytics that inform the entire ecosystem. The best work that I see leverages deep insights, an understanding of how target audiences are evolving and creative instinct and boldness.”

– Visa CMO Lynne Biggar on what skills today’s marketers need to succeed

Turn Your Brand into a Compass, GPS and Fuel for Success

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How to Transform Your Company Culture to be Customer-Centric

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