April 7 E-Connect Daily

April 7, 2020

Lead from the front
Brand Extract’s Bo Bothe on finding your focus in times of crisis

Authenticity. That is what Bo Bothe says is the driving factor behind a brand’s continued success. It is about urging companies to focus their energy on crafting a promise that fits their unique mission, vision, values and culture. Since founding BrandExtract, Bothe has applied this philosophy in guiding a growing number of local, regional and international rebranding efforts. We sat down with him to get his thoughts on what business leaders should do (and know) when crises hit.

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“When it comes to crisis communications, if you always focus on building a relationship with your customers, fans and followers, you will always find yourself communicating in the right direction.”

– Melissa Agnes, President and co-founder of Agnes + Day Inc., on the importance of communication during a crisis

How to Maintain Customer Relationships While Working Remotely

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Business Strategy Through Four Phases of the Coronavirus Crisis

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