April 28 E-Connect Daily

April 28, 2020

5 steps to reopening your business

Empty office buildings. Working from home. Constantly checking the news. Our lives are consumed with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But what happens after? Businesses will eventually reopen and people will go back to work. Now is the time to prepare for your business to start back up. The actions that you take today will impact your business’s future. Take a look at these five steps from Forbes for preparing to reopen your business:

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“What you need is better communications in times of crisis. And your people aren’t adverse to hearing from you. They just want you to make their lives better in some way.”

– Jeff Sweat, Founder of the public relations agency Sweat+Co, on how brands can connect with empathetic messaging

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

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History Says Now is the Time to Charge Forward With Branding

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