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May 05, 2020

Carry On
4 tips for battling adversity

Good and bad times are bound to come and go in our lives. Businesses know how to handle a few curveballs, but the recent weeks have brought a colossal upheaval to the world. The coronavirus continues to impact businesses everywhere, but the only way through is to carry on. Inc. hosted a Real Talk: Business Reboot webinar with entrepreneur and billionaire John Paul DeJoria, who shared insights on persevering during the coronavirus crisis. Let’s take a look at his 4 tips for battling adversity:

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“Marketers, now more than ever, need to ensure they are using empathy in their marketing communications. Without that, communication is seen as ‘taking advantage of the situation,’ and no one wants that label. Marketing technology can still support the automated distribution of messages and provides invaluable insights to how people are engaging with new messaging.”

– Tara Kelly, president and CEO, SPLICE Software, on the importance of using empathy in your marketing during the coronavirus crisis

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