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December 22, 2020

Cultivating Trust

In Deloitte Insights’ recently published “2021 Global Marketing Trends” report, the loss of confidence among executives to influence their peers is staggering but not all that surprising. In a world that has become fairly self-oriented, it turns out that the confidence that CMOs have influencing their associates and making an impact fell from 5% to 3%.

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“Going into 2021, content marketers can expect people to continue to feel distracted, disconnected, and distrustful. Moreover, given the polarizing climate, audiences may outright reject any messages that don’t appear to support their view on a subject. Marketers will need to work even harder to connect with their targets and engage them. Consider the hardwired behaviors that impact what people read, who they trust, and when they buy because when people are distracted and afraid, they’re more apt to respond instinctively, without really thinking.”

– Nancy Harhut, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing, on marketing in the new year

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