March 23 E-Connect Daily

March 23, 2021

The Hangover

March 17th is always a bit of a party. The morning of March 18th, however, can be a bit of a struggle. The queasy stomach, the headache and the general malaise of the morning after is not a lot of fun. And, in the moment, you wonder if the hangover will ever end.

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“Businesses will and are being measured on how they showed up for their customers during this time. I cannot emphasize the importance of the human factor enough. We all become so enamored by technology, AI, machine-learning and data. But it’s the intersection of them—how humans can leverage and benefit from data, from analytics and the insights it provides them. We thought that technology mattered, and it does, but people matter more, and human-centered recovery and growth will lead us back and make us even more resilient.”

– Martyn Etherington, EVP and CMO of Teradata, on what matters most coming out of the pandemic

Creating Professional Connections in the Age of COVID-19

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Should Your B2B Business be Giving Customers Free Content?

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