June 29 E-Connect Daily

June 29, 2021

The importance of value-based marketing

In Deloitte Digital’s recent report, “Navigating Uncertainty: The Protector, the Pragmatist, and the Prevailer,” 16,000 people were surveyed about the motivations that matter to humans. Utilizing yet another fancy algorithm and a tidy acronym (HXTM), they determined that it is critical for organizations to understand the human experience—and the nuances emerging in today’s landscape.

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“The way that you really connect with consumers and they connect with your brand is when you understand their heart—what motivates them, what scares them. And so for us, it’s really about how do we unlock the potential of our teams to really tap into not only the art of what communications and marketing can be but the heart of it—what their consumers need and what they want—and marrying that with the science of it.”

– Janice Tennant, Chief Marketing Officer at Merrell, on the importance of connecting with customers

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Why Brands Really Matter

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