October 26 E-Connect Daily

October 26, 2021

Head of the Table
Marketing uses content to take on bigger role

The creation of content has been a popular topic among marketers for the last few years. During the cocooning of the past 18 months, content rose even higher on the priority list. So, one would think that there might be a slide in the demand for creating content as we start to re-engage live and in person.

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“We’ve seen that the next generation of CMOs are an inspiring generation of changemakers looking to improve the industry and the workplace for the rest of us, and those coming behind them. Our role as senior marketing leaders is to provide them with the resources, and the technology, to affect that positive change now.”

– Alvaro Del Pozo, VP of International Marketing at Adobe, on stepping up to nurture young marketers

A Marketer’s Conundrum: Balancing personalization and privacy to deliver trust-based customer experiences

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Next in Loyalty: Eight levers to turn customers into fans

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