March 22 E-Connect Daily

March 22, 2022

Planning Resilience
Ideas for managing your marketing supply chain

Just about every supply chain has been impacted negatively across the globe. And while marketers are mostly focused on customers, the marketing supply chain is not immune from disruption. Assessing and repurposing the supply chain for your campaigns and their corresponding channels may just be one of the most critical endeavors you undertake.

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“Employers are in the middle of an intense war for talent that’s not likely to let up anytime soon. The challenge of hiring and keeping employees has now spread from isolated industries and skill sets to most industries and workforce segments. To compete, it’s imperative for employers to take strategic actions and find ways to differentiate the value proposition they offer to current and prospective workers.”

– Adrienne Altman, Managing Director and North American Head of Rewards at Willis Towers Watson

7 Ways To Segment Your Audience For Successful Retargeting

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Waiting for B2B Alignment

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