May 24 E-Connect Daily

May 24, 2022

Elevate your brand

Abu Noaman is the CEO of Elliance, a strategy, branding and marketing agency that combines creative, story and data to create inflection points for clients. He founded the company for talented people to band together to create legendary experiences. He is passionate about brand transformation, integrative thinking and ROI. We asked him about his inspiration and the current marketing climate.

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“In a rapidly changing world the greatest skill that a business person must have is the ability to see and seize an opportunity. Some people can see an opportunity, but they do not have the insight or executional ability to act on it. Most people tend to be more transactional…people who can implement when directed, but who lack the vision to see the opportunities inherent in change.”

– Steven Gardner, President, Gardner Nelson & Partners, Inc.

The Leadership Skill Critical To Brand Relevance

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Embracing Gen Z’s Values and Building a Future-facing Brand

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