June 28 E-Connect Daily

June 28, 2022

Why empathetic marketing still is the path forward

You have heard the old adage about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. To be successful, marketers do not have to walk in their customers’ shoes; they just have to put them on.

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“Too many people still talk about content marketing as something that can’t be measured. That is simply not true. The only trick is that you need to define what that success looks like. If you go into a content marketing effort without a goal, you won’t be able to measure anything. But if you come into an effort with a clear expectation of results, you can.”

– Inbar Yagur, Vice President of Marketing at GrowthSpace

What Most Companies Get Wrong About Content Strategy (And How To Fix It)

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Manage Your Martech, Or It Will Manage You

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