Aqueous Coating

A water-based coating applied to printed materials to provide a protective and glossy finish.



An extra margin of printed image or color that extends beyond the final trim size of a printed piece.


Coated Paper

Paper that has been coated with a layer of clay or other material to improve print quality and ink absorption.


Dots Per Inch

 A measure of the resolution of a printed image or document.



The final treatment applied to a printed piece, such as lamination, UV coating, or varnish.


Full-color printing

A printing method that uses a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink to create a wide range of colors in a printed piece.


Glued Pockets

A type of pocket folder where the pockets are glued to the inside of the folder.



A printing technique that uses tiny dots of varying sizes to create the illusion of continuous-tone images.


Job Ticket

A document that contains all the necessary information for a printing job, including specifications, instructions, and deadlines.



The process of removing a portion of a printed image or design to create a transparent or negative space.



Part of the MailBoostXT service, this tool works to identify anonymous website visitors and create lists of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took for user behavior analysis and marketing.


Offset Printing

A printing method that transfers ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket, which then transfers the ink to the paper.



A standardized color matching system used in the printing industry.



Stands for Pantone Matching System, which is a standardized color matching system used in the printing industry.


Saddle Stitch

A type of binding that uses wire staples to attach folded sheets of paper along the spine.


Sheetfed Printing

A printing method that uses individual sheets of paper fed through a printing press.


UV Coating

A clear coating that is cured with ultraviolet light to improve durability and protect against fading.


4/4 Printing

Ratios like 4/4, or 4/0 are common print lingo for how many colors are printed per side of a single sheet. 4/4 means 4 colors on one side and 4 colors on the other side, while 4/0 means 4 colors on one side and 0 on the reverse.



A program Daily Printing uses for variable printing.


The process of securing the pages of a book or document together.



Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (black), which are the four colors used in the printing process to create full-color images.



A printing technique that uses a specialized tool to cut a printed piece into a specific shape or design.



A printing technique that creates a raised or three-dimensional effect on a printed piece by pressing the paper with a die.


Foil Stamping

A printing technique that uses a heated die to transfer metallic foil onto a printed piece.



A printing defect where a faint image of the printed image appears elsewhere on the same sheet.



The space between facing pages in a bound book or magazine.



The arrangement of pages on a printed sheet to ensure that they are in the correct order after printing and folding.


Kitting and Assembly

The process of assembling multiple printed pieces into a complete package or product.



Stands for Lines Per Inch, which is a measure of the resolution of halftone screens.


Matte Finish

A finish that has a flat or non-glossy surface.



A mechanical device used to reduce or enlarge a design or image for printing.


Perfect Binding

A type of binding that uses glue to attach the pages of a book to the spine.



The alignment of separate colors or plates in a printing job.



A coating or ink that is partially water-based and partially solvent-based.


Spot Color

A specific color that is printed separately from the standard CMYK colors, often used for branding or logo design.


6 Color Production Printing

Printing process that adds to four color (CMYK) printing with white, clear, true gold or silver enhanced printing capabilities.



A faint design or image that is visible when viewed against the light, often used as a security feature on printed.


Variable Data Printing

A process in which a user types in their own custom text, and it gets inputted onto their product.