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You’ll never be in a bind with Daily Printing.

Sometimes the printing press room has the easy part of the project, and the bindery department adds all of the bells and whistles. From custom hand assembly to automatic multi-pocket, multi-binders it’s all business as usual at Daily.

Our full list of finishing bindery is incredibly impressive: saddle stitch, perfect bind, wire-o-bind, spiral bind, die cut, score, perf, round corners, ink jet, mail, fugitive glue, collate, tipping, kit, taping, chip board and cheese cloth. Don’t see what you need? We are willing to take whatever time is necessary to assemble your desired project by hand in order to create a perfect bindery product.

Polar 137 Die Cutter

Die-Cutting, Foil Stamping and Embossing

Some project designs really stand out with additional features and textures, such as die cutting, foils, or embossing. Each process is another way to add visual or textural distinction to your project.

The die cutting process is like using a cookie cutter in baking. The die is a custom-made plate with razor sharp edges that allows for crisp cuts through paper, card stock, or another viable medium. Die cutting can be used to create a unique shape, decorative edge, cut out design or draw attention to the layout of the printed piece.

Foil Stamping uses heat and pressure to apply foils in the printing process. There are a variety of foil types available including metalized like gold or silver foil, pigment foil for adding color, and holographic foils. Foil stamping is used to add luster differentiation creating unmistakable visual interest in the printed piece.

Pressing a design into the paper, or embossing, creates a textural dynamic much different that print alone. Embossed images are raised on the surface of the paper (in contrast to debossing), to create a luxurious finish to the final product.

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Folding & Gluing

Folding and gluing is the next step after printing when brochures, boxes, pocket folders are assembled. This step incorporates folding and gluing a flat piece of print to its final three dimensional shape.
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Stitching, or saddle stitch binding, refers to the binding method of gathering folded shoots together to staple along the fold line. In printing, perfecting means double side printing, and stitching means staples, partly because we are a fun group, but more because the gathered sheets are folded over a saddle shaped form to staple them.