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Mailing Services

Daily Printing is a full-service mail house capable of handling all your company’s mailing needs. From a single piece of mail to a million pieces, domestic or foreign. We can tackle even the roughest lists and databases, cleaning and refining data for efficiency and cost-effective mailing, maximizing all postage savings available. Data security guaranteed with 1 to 1 data match and add smart content, inserting personalization to each piece you need to ship.

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Mailing Lists & USPS List Certification

Our Data Team can merge, purge, dedupe or manage your database however needed. All mailing lists are processed and verified so they receive the highest postal discounts available.

CASS Certification: Coding and Accuracy Support System – Evaluates address-matching software and improves the quality of ZIP+4®, CRIS and five-digit coding accuracy.

NCOA Link: National Change of Address Move Update – The NCOA Link Product is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records consisting of the names and addresses of individuals, families and businesses who have filed a COA with the USPS®. The basic NCOA Link only views the past 18 months of updates so we also include ANKLink NCOA in our processing which includes the full 48 months of changes.

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Postage Optimization & CO-Pal Mailing

For large mailings with concentrated quantities, we transport the mail directly to the SCF or NDC locations. This process allows us to bypass local mailing facilities and take advantage of discounted postage rates. In addition to the cost savings, the delivery time is reduced for a quicker in-home date.

Take advantage of postage savings for mailings that are too small for Drop Ship discounts. Co-Pal is a process where individual trays are combined to create SCF and NDC entry discounts to maximize savings.

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Mail in Boxes

Smart Inserting with 1-to-1 Data Match

Smart content allows for personalization across digital platforms. Taking that idea a step further, smart inserting mailing service allows each piece to be created, addressed, and sent uniquely for each individual recipient on the mailing list.

Data security, smart insert and personalization all collide within this service. We can add 1 to 1 data match, so the message is unique to each piece shipped and include a barcode record for compliance purposes.


Every Door Direct Mail/Carrier Route

Want to reach everyone on a local route, in a specific neighborhood, or even a city? Every Door Direct Mail or enhanced Carrier Route Services make it easy to reach a large number of people with a small amount of work. Minimize your postage costs and maximize your advertising area by mailing as a Flat with a size of up to 12×15 inches.
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Foreign Delivery

Whether you’re mailing 100,000 pieces to Canada or one piece to Australia, Daily Printing will make sure it gets to where it’s going for the best price and best service possible.