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Marketing Services

How do you know if your print work is impacting your audience? Have them tell you themselves!

Using Daily Printing’s CrossMedia and Integrated Marketing platform, we can build websites for your company, event or product questionnaire. Add a Personal URL (PURL) along with a QRCode on your printed piece or mail out that will direct the customer to their own personalized webpage designed specifically for them. On this personal website you can generate new leads, add information from current contacts and have customers sign up for seminars or events.

Need to know how many people responded to your integrated marketing campaign? Built in reporting on the back end of your personalized sites gives you real time information on your campaign. At a low cost to you, the client, you are able to discover analytics and information from your audience that you may not have otherwise discovered The uses for CrossMedia and integrated marketing are endless and the results are priceless!

Daily Printing has become an expert in integrated marketing, creating successful campaigns for many different types of clients. Maybe something similar would be effective for you!


Custom Graphic Design Services

Our on-site graphic design team can take your branding and create beautiful professional pieces to envy. Digital design services are included with omni-channel marketing for unified visual messaging with impact. Our designers can layout templates for digital marketing as well as design any communication pieces needed. 
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Omni-Channel Marketing

Make your presence known across multiple channels with Daily’s omni-channel marketing options. Our MailboostXT, add a QR code or personal URL (Purl) to print assets using digital and print marketing harmoniously. Utilizing many avenues to communicate your value proposition or special event creates a lasting impression for your users and elevates your marketing efforts.

Mailboost XT combines 7 Technologies, all timed and delivered strategically to drive maximum exposure and engagement for your campaigns:

  • Socialmatch pre-matches your mailing list to social media accounts to continue brand exposure, serving your ad across social channels.

  • Mail Tracking lets you know how much of your mailing has been delivered and what is waiting for delivery, and where with our Google maps sync feature.

  • Informed Delivery™ compatible, tapping you into the 29 million people signed up to know what’s in the box.

  • Call Tracking with full demographic details.

  • Ads retargeting across display ads with attribution reporting for online follow-up. 

  • Social channel follow-up is similar to online follow-up but offered through your social media platforms, giving you the opportunity to continue to conversation and delight your customers.

  • Identity anonymous visitors with LEADMatch
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Data Analytics

Understanding how your marketing assets and printed materials are impacting ROI is crucial to budget efficiency and overall efficacy of your campaigns. Built in reporting on the back end of your personalized sites gives you real time analytics information on your campaign. A low cost option that gives you visibility into response rates and discovery analytics with information about your audience. Greater insight allows you flexibility to understand what resonates with your audience.