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Offset Printing

1-8 Color UV inks and 4/4 perfecting to print both sides of the sheet in a single pass to provide faster production performance to meet your deadline anytime.

Our strict quality control is in place whether your job is a simple one-color envelope or a complex, multicolored brochure. Documented procedures and checklists are posted on every piece of pressroom equipment and are followed carefully by all personnel on every project. We want to make sure that your print job is as close to absolutely perfect as possible. Offset printing is where we began and it is where we excel.

Environmentally friendly. While we’re committed to the specific needs of each individual client, Daily Printing is also concerned with the global needs of everyone. We are a great printer as certified by Printing Industry Midwest as well as Forest Stewardship Council® certified, license code FSC® C005793. Our pressroom uses alcohol-free, low VOC inks and chemicals. All of this and still delivering exceptional conventional printing while treating the earth gently.

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1 to 8 Color Printing

Adding to the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black base colors, 1 to 8 printing levels up by adding 4 light color versions for greater variety and stunning image clarity. The additional color options also exhibit superior performance on heavy stock weight paper in both straight and perfecting print applications.

For ultra-specific color matching, Pantone Matching System is the best option. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) uses a numbered code for universal color matching based on the colors specific formula.

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UV Inks & Coatings

UV inks and coatings are applied much the same way as conventional inks, with one major difference: UV light is required to dry the ink. In the printing process, UV light is utilized during the print run, drying the ink as the sheet passes through the press.

Benefits of Using UV Inks and Coatings:

  • Rush Printing – UV inks have a faster turnaround than conventional inks because dry times are lessened.
  • A Satin gloss look is an option of UV finished sheets.
  • Lower environmental impact (lower overall emissions and a healthier workplace)
  • Crisp look, resistant to smudges or scrapes
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Up to 4 Color Perfecting

Up to 4 color perfecting refers to both the print process and the colors used to create the images. Perfecting presses combine speed and quality and can output large print orders in half the time of straight printing. Separating cyan, magenta, yellow and black adds uniformity of color across color images and is the most economical print process available.

  • Perfecting – Refers to printing on both sides of the paper sheet in a single pass through the press.
  • Straight printing – Printing one side of the paper in a single pass. Multiple passes can be made to achieve desired color depth.