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Hello Cookie_Img2

Hello Cookie

A modern design for cookie display, this sample box was designed with 3 color printing using PMS inks and a C1S cover to meet brand guidelines on 24 pt paper. Sturdy and easy to use, this side tuck flap box was die-cut, with die-cuts removed for quick assembly.

  • 3 Color Printing; Black and 2 PMS Inks

  • Die-cutting side tuck flap box

  • Kitting and assembly

GoNext_Img2 - Square image


The GoNext product catalog with vivid imagery achieved using CMYK and PMS inks, soft touch aqueous coating with spot gloss UV finishing. The cover in 20 pt C1S die-cut, hand folded with pockets and tabs strong enough to hold all the product materials needed.

  • 1” angle D-Ring Binder

  • Offset Printing: 5/0 CMYK+PMS 802, Aqueous Coating, Spot Gloss UV Offset Printing

  • Aggressive glue and hand assembly

Fluence Creative_Img1 - square image
Fluence Creative_Img2

Fluence Creative

This real estate equities folder is impressive in look and feel with 4/4 CMYK printing with a soft silk aqueous coating on a 130lb cover. The folder is die-cut outfitted with 2-4” glued pockets and business card slots for added convenience.

  • 4/4 + Soft Touch Aqueous

  • 130lb Silk Cover

  • Die-cut 1 up; 9 x 12 with 2-4" Glued Pockets and business card slits

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A pocket folder with that “‘wow” factor, this 4/4 CMYK silk cover finish with semi-aqueous coating chosen for quality fast drying and resists fingerprint markings. Inside, 8 folded and saddle stitched pages entice potential residents with 100lb silk text. The folder die-cut and scored for business card slots.

  • 4/4 + Semi Gloss Aqueous; Pocket Folder Cover 130lb Silk Cover with 8-page Body 100lb Silk Text

  • Die-cut and score with business card slits

  • Cover Pocket Folder Gluer; Fold and Saddle Stitch in pages

Daily Printing_Holiday Card_Img1- square image
Daily Printing_Holiday Card_Img2

Daily Printing

Printed for our own seasonal greeting, this holiday card showcases the capabilities of the Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press. A 5 on 5 color printing (4 color with white), on 105lb Kernow Matalik Silver for a reflective sheen reminiscent of your hometown ice rink.

  • Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press

  • 5/5 (4color+White) On 105lb Kernow Matalik Silver

  • Scored/Folded

Daily Printing_Connect Magazine_Img2- square
Daily Printing_Connect Magazine_Img1

Daily Printing

Daily Connect magazine is our bimonthly vehicle made for marketers. This 16 page magazine with self cover and 4/4 color printing. Created on 100lb dull text paper for a non-glossy, crisp printing.

  • 4/4 Fold and Stitch

  • 16Page Self-Cover on 100lb Dull Text

  • Inkjet address and mail handle (no tabs)


Indian Motorcycle_Img1- square
Indian Motorcycle_Img2

Indian Motorcycle

Motorcycle product magazine featuring high contrast image 4 color printing and branding with PMS color and overall Soft Touch Coating for textural and visual appeal. Finished with a second run through the press to add SPOT UV gloss coating drawing the eye to the Indian Motorcycle logo.

  • 4 CMYK + 1 PMS with Soft Touch Coating

  • Offset Printing SPOT UV Gloss Coating on cover

  • Interior pages 4cp/4cp

Fredrikson & Byron_Img1- sqare
Fredrikson & Byron_Img2

Fredrikson & Byron

A collection of pro bono case histories bound as a 64 page book, visually bold with 5/5 CMYK+PMS with spot gloss varnish cover and blind embossed pages, all bound within a Purfect Bind 8.5” spine.

  • 5/5 CMYK+PMS 649 with Spot Gloss Varnish Cover

  • 120lb Silk Cover and Body 100lb Silk Text

  • Folded and Purfect Bind 8.5" Spine

3M Box_Img2 - square
3M Box_Img1

3M Box

With an unmistakable brand logo, consistency and exact match are crucial. For 3M, we created this die-cut box on 24PT Cover complete with 1 side gloss laminate.

  • Gloss Laminated 1 side print

  • 24pt Cover

  • Die-cut box

Pro Litho_Img2 - square
Pro Litho_Img1

Pro Litho

Industrial Springs Product pocket folder with 4/4 color printing with semi-gloss aqueous coating. Text on cover contrasts aqueous patina with 120lb silk cover detail. Folder was die-cut with a pocket folder for product information guides.

  • 4/4 +Semi Gloss Aqueous Coating

  • 120lb Silk Cover

  • Die-cut/pocket folder gluer

Marketing Architects_Img1- square
Marketing Architects_Img2

Marketing Architects

Brand Ambassador book with an eye-catching digital design across 48, 100lb dull text pages, folded, collated and bound with a square spine stitch. This digital book was created on iGen5 with booklet maker finishing. The cover an 80lb dull cover print in 4/4 cool color story.

  • 4/4 Digital Booklet Maker

  • 48 pages + cover: Cover 80lb Dull Cover, Interior pages 100lb Dull text

  • Fold, Collate and Square Spine Stitching

Bolin Marketing_Img2- square
Bolin Marketing_Img1

Bolin Marketing

How do you make a cockroach appealing? This brochure, in an 80-lb. Sterling Dull cover with 4-color print gloss aqueous, strike-through dull varnish, and spot digital gloss UV ink finish, does exactly that. Inside, die-cut, folded, and enclosed in a saddle stitch 11" spine.

  • 4 page and 6 page Dull cover

  • 4cp Gloss Aqueous, Strike-thru Dull Varnish and Spot Digital Gloss UV Offset Printing

  • Die-cut, fold, and saddle stitch an 11" spine

Mount Marty_Img1- square
Mount Marty_Img2

Mount Marty

The goal of the Mount Marty 2021 Viewbook was to bring the college experience to life with full color, vivid imagery. Here achieved within 4 color print UV ink and Dry Trap Spot Dull Varnish cover. The 20 page book score, fold, saddle stitched along 11” spine and mail handle.

  • 100lb silk cover; 4CP + Gloss UV and Dry Trap Spot Dull Varnish Offset Printing

  • Fold and saddle stitch 11" spine and mail handle

  • Mailing services

Our Technologies are Timed, Sealed & Delivered to Drive Exposure

Let us at Daily Printing show you what a little ink, paper and imagination can do for you!

Find Out How We Can Make Your Project a Reality

OPTP_Radical Relief_Img1 -s quare
OPTP_Radical Relief_Img2


This 120 page book with 80lb Smooth Cover featuring a full color 4/0 image with laminate for maximum textural and visual appeal. Easily stackable bound in a Perfect Bind 10" Spine.

  • 120 page+ 80lb Smooth Cover 4/0 with Laminate

  • Interior pages printed 4/4 color

  • Perfect Bind 10" Spine

OPTP_Fibromyalgia_Img1 - square


Designed and printed for end users, this 116 page booklet printed with 80lb gloss text enclosed in 4/0 Color printing with Semi-gloss aqueous on 120lb dull cover. Orders made easy with full cut, fold, stitch and mail services.

  • 80lb Gloss Cover 4/0 w/Semi Gloss Aqueous on 120 Dull Cover

  • Body 4/4 80lb Gloss Text

  • Cut, folded, and stitched

  • Mail Services


University of St. Thomas - Athletic Department

The Athletics Case Statement has to be compelling, through both messaging and visual impact, or the program will not grow. For St. Thomas, the seamless transition of imagery across 2 page spreads with full color printing is striking. Complete cut, fold, and stitch finished.

  • Cover and Interior pages 4/4 color printing on 100lb dull text

  • Cut, fold, stitch finished

  • Stitched with square spine on iGen5 Booklet Maker

St Thomas_All_Img2

University of St. Thomas - School of Law

School of Law project including a crisp brochure for the School of Law on 120lb silk cover and a 18 page Lookbook with 100 lb satin finish cover. Brochure first printing for full PMS color and gloss aqueous, second pass to overlay spot tinted dull varnish. Enclosed in die-cut pocket folder with glued seam. Lookbook in 4 on 4 full color soft touch aqueous finish. Inside 80lb with satin text. Full book cut, folded and stitched.

  • 120lb Silk Cover; 80lb Satin Text body

  • Two pass print PMS and gloss aqueous and spot tinted Dull Varnish

  • Die-cut/pocket folder gluer

  • Cut/fold/stitch Lookbook

St Thomas_School of Entrepreneurship_Img1- square
St Thomas_School of Entrepreneurship_Img2

University of St. Thomas - School of Entrepreneurship

School of Entrepreneurship 20 page book with included hand taped Magic Slate Writing Board attached to the back cover. Visual impact on 4 over 4 color perfected 100lb dull text cover and interior pages held in fold and stitch die-cut pocket folder cover.

  • 4/4 perfected 100lb Dull Cover with 100# Dull Text inside pages

  • 20 page and pocket folder cover, die-cut covers, fold and stitch assembly

  • Hand Tape pocket with 5x7 Magic Slate Writing board to the back page



Financial products pocket folder with 12 page information packet. Cover printed 5 on 5 color with a semi-gloss aqueous finish on 100lb Sterling Dull text. Die-Cut folder, folded and glued, with slots for business cards. Finished with a saddle stitch 11.5” spine.

  • 8.75x11.5 12 page with pocket folder Semi-gloss aqueous

  • Interior pages 5/5 with Semi-Gloss Aqueous on 100# Sterling Dull text

  • Die-cut pocket, fold and glue; Saddle stitch 11.5" spine

Upshr-Smith_Img2 - square


Custom fold-out medical information brochure, the insert secured with a gluedot, pocketed in a PolySleeve for mailing. Multi-part printing showcases folding and assembly services as well as Direct Mail services.

  • Folding, Kitting and Assembly

  • Direct Mail

  • Multi-part printing

Medtronics_Img2- sqare


Software information booklet with 12 laddered pages and 80lb gloss cover. Project printed 100lb Gloss Text pages with a semi-gloss aqueous coating. To finish, cut, fold, score and stitch assembly, size 9x5.5.

  • 12 laddered pages and 80lb gloss cover

  • 100lb Gloss Text, semi-gloss aqueous coating

  • Cut, fold, score and stitch

Allianz_Img1 - square


This fold out marketing tool features a 100lb Gloss Cover with die-cut nested keyholes. The mailer 16.46” x 16.44” die-cut, then folds to 5.5 x 5.5”. Vibrant 6 on 6 color with flood soft touch aqueous and double sided dry trap spot gloss UV looks and feels impressive. Die-cut, internal and external strip and fold.

  • Mailer 16.46’ x 16.44’ die-cut, and fold to 5.5” x 5.5”

  • Flood soft touch aqueous and dry trap spot gloss UV ink double sided

  • Die-cut, internal and external strip, fold

MotivAction_Img2 - square


This project showcases our kitting services for a loyalty and engagement marketing request. Here, MotivAction provided the materials for our packaging and assembly, and distribution.

  • Kitting

  • Distribution services

  • Warehouse services



This custom 16 page self cover portfolio for Rothschild investments, utilized 80lb silk cover with soft touch finish for visual and tactile appeal.

  • 16 page book with self cover

  • 80lb silk cover

  • Soft Touch

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