January 2020 E-Connect Daily

Daily Printing | January 26, 2020

2020 is here, and with the new decade comes new trends. Staying on top of these is a great way to keep your brand sharp and modern. Branding is the perfect way to tell the world who you are, and you want to make sure you do it in the best way possible. Let’s dig into some upcoming branding trends from 99designs:


“Brands are not logos or websites, they are belief systems. People who believe also belong: they become passionate, excited advocates.”

– Patrick Hanlon, CEO of primalbranding.co and THINKTOPIA, on creating a likeability factor for your brand

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What Identity Means For Next 10 Years Of Marketing

As we enter a more privacy-compliant future, the word “identity” has come to the forefront. And while we’re used to buzzwords, tech fads, and shiny objects at CES – identity is anything but buzzy: it’s what our entire industry’s success will hinge on in the decade ahead.