August 2021 E-Connect Daily

Daily Printing | August 17, 2021

Marketers must adapt to win

The shift of live events to virtual threw everyone through a loop and left people craving connection. According to ON24, almost three-fourths of respondents are feeling challenged by the cancellation of in-person events. ON24 shared their expertise on taking in-person events online during the first quarter of 2020, which was the start of the pandemic. Sales and marketing teams will need to continue to adapt and determine ways to create the intimacy required to build trust. Hint: Print, Content Creation and one-to-one conversation are critical. According to ON24’s “2021 B2B Market Trends Report,” marketers are facing many hurdles in the current race for success. They surveyed marketers and the challenges and the percentage of mentions follows:



“In my experience, content marketers tend to live in a bubble. As a result, the content they make creates just another silo. From the point of view of an individual interacting with a brand, however, all content is part of their larger experience and none of it lives in a silo. Content marketing, in my opinion, needs to work harder to fit into the larger content ecosystem.”

– Matthew Rayback, Creative Director at Adobe, on why content marketers need to transcend silos

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