January 2022 E-Connect Daily

Daily Printing | January 25, 2022

On the Horizon:

5 Major Trends Every Marketer Must Know

As we move further into the new year, marketers are scanning the horizon for new insights and trends. In Salesforce’s 7th annual “State of Marketing” report, over 8,200+ leading marketers worldwide share what they see coming in 2022. Here is what they spotted:



“First and foremost, respect the reader. Don’t take shortcuts. They are smart people. Don’t try to be smarter than them, just try to really serve and respect the time they’re giving you when they’re reading your message. It’s good practice for every marketer to be relevant and to be there for the long-term.”

– Matteo Atti, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at VistaJet, on how to think for the future in terms of B2B marketing

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